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Top Rated Gas Station Convenience Store in Each U.S. State


Wawa versus Sheetz, two convenience store chains with tribal loyalties. The debate as to which one is better continues to rage in many of our hearts. Here at GasBuddy we hope we can help settle the matter, along with many other similar mooting taking place across the country.

Today GasBuddy released the results of the highest rated convenience store brands in each of the 50 states. Data was collected from millions of GasBuddy user ratings throughout the country who said these brands had the best overall convenience store retail experience. Did your favorite c-store make the list?

topratedc-storesGas Station convenience stores have come a long way, evolving from a place to buy fuel and a bottle of soda, to being true destinations for lunch, groceries and to meet friends for coffee…and yes maybe even to fill up the car with some gas. Our GasBuddy community has proven that gas stations have expanded their offerings; the app consistently receives passionate ratings and reviews daily!

Start reviewing your local c-stores today via the GasBuddy app!

Alaska: Holiday

Alabama: Raceway

Arkansas: Casey’s General Store

Arizona: QuikTrip

California: Fastrip

Colorado: Kum & Go

Connecticut: Cumberland Farms

Delaware: Wawa

Florida: Wawa

Georgia: QuikTrip

Hawaii: Shell

Idaho: Phillips 66

Illinois: Kelley’s Market

Indiana: Casey’s General Store

Iowa: Casey’s General Store

Kansas: QuikTrip

Kentucky: Murphy USA

Louisiana: RaceTrac

Massachusetts: Cumberland Farms

Maryland: Wawa

Maine: Shell

Michigan: Meijer

Minnesota: Kwik Trip

Missouri: QuikTrip

Mississippi: Murphy USA

Montana: Town Pump

North Carolina: QuikTrip

North Dakota: Tesoro

Nebraska: Kum & Go

New Hampshire: Irving

New Jersey: Wawa

New Mexico: Conoco

Nevada: Chevron

New York: NOCO Express

Ohio: Sheetz

Oklahoma: QuikTrip

Oregon: Mobil

Pennsylvania: Sheetz

Rhode Island: Sunoco

South Carolina: QuikTrip

South Dakota: Casey’s General Store

Tennessee: Speedway

Texas: QuikTrip

Utah: Holiday Oil

Virginia: Wawa

Vermont: Cumberland Farms

Washington: Mobil

Wisconsin: Kwik Trip

West Virginia: Sheetz

Wyoming: Sinclair

* Brands needed to have at least 20 locations in a state to be included in the analysis
* Data collection timeframe: March 2016 – Feb 28, 2017

Correction 2:50pm ET: Map has been updated with changes to Washington, Oregon and Nevada