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TANKSgiving is here! We’re giving away more gas than ever before



TANKSgiving is GasBuddy’s biggest free gas giveaway event that happens every year, one week before Thanksgiving. This year we partnered with Exxon Mobil Rewards+™ so you can be even more TANKful.

Two Tanksgiving Events

1. Tank Takeover

On Thursday, November 15, GasBuddy will take over an Exxon™ or Mobil™ gas station and surprise an awesome U.S. city with some free gas. We’ll reveal the exact location closer to the date. Be sure to sign up for our emails and follow us on social media to be the first to find out. Until then…the location is a secret.

2. Virtual Tank Takeover

Exxon and Mobil are helping us expand our TANKSgiving celebration. We’ll hold a Virtual Tank Takeover where people nationwide can enter to win free tanks of gas no matter where they live. This year 1,000 people will win $20 worth of gas in Exxon Mobil Rewards+™ points to be used for gas, convenience store and car wash purchases!

How to Participate and Be TANKful:

Register for the Exxon Mobil Rewards+™ program.

It’s free, easy and it’ll save you money. You earn points and can use them for savings on Synergy™ gas, convenience store and car wash purchases at participating Exxon and Mobil stations.


Look for an announcement

On or before November 15th with the location of the Tank Takeover or instructions on how to participate in the Virtual Tank Takeover.

Remember, this event is exclusive to GasBuddies who register for the Exxon Mobil Rewards+™ program. Be sure you register for the program today so you don’t miss TANKSgiving!

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