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Salty, Texas City Spotlight


Cookietown, Okla. Pie Town, N.M. Hot Coffee, Miss. Getting hungry yet?

America has plenty of towns named after some of our favorite food and beverage items. With today being National Potato Chip Day, and the fact that we got something big coming in the GasBuddy app next week (hint: it has to do with two amazing things = snacks + free gas) for this month’s City Spotlight it only seems appropriate to head to Salty, Texas to look at the top-rated gas stations nearby with the best service, amenities… and (of course) snacks.

Salty, an hour outside of Austin, was settled in 1860 and named for nearby Salty Creek. The town is so small, most consider it to be a part of the neighboring town, Rockdale. Outside of its church, community center and cemetery, residents go to the nearby towns Taylor and Rockdale to fill up on fuel and snacks. These are the top-rated gas stations near Salty, Texas.


Chevron gas station in Taylor, TX
Located about 20 minutes from Salty, this Chevron station is known for its good service, clean facilities and excellent hot coffee. Yum!

Address: 1002 W 2nd St, Taylor
GasBuddy rating: 4.8 stars

Phillips 66
This Phillips 66 station is rated highly for its outdoor lighting, clean restrooms and excellent customer service.

Address: 1702 N Main St, Taylor
GasBuddy rating: 4.5 stars

This Shell location is fully equipped with a c-store and a car wash. As GasBuddy user nicole05bw says, it’s “Fast and easy”.

Address: 501 N Main St, Taylor
GasBuddy rating: 4.4 stars

This gas station has a fried chicken restaurant attached along with friendly service, making it an excellent stop for gas and snacks. The convenience store also sells beer and wine.

Address: 1305 W Cameron Ave, Rockdale
GasBuddy rating: 4.2 stars

GasBuddies enjoy this gas station’s friendly staff and convenience store, along with the well-priced fuel.

Address: 2710 Davis St, Taylor
GasBuddy rating: 4.1 stars

Do you live near a town named after your favorite snack?? For the best gas stations for a snack fix nearest you, check out our other city spotlights here. And make sure to log into the GasBuddy app next week for a salty (and sweet) surprise!

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