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Resolution: See the World


Life’s a great adventure, and New Year’s is the best time to grab it by the steering wheel and explore the world. If your resolution is to travel more, then check out our top ideas for planning your next great road trip. See you out there!

Look at That View!

GasBuddies are everywhere, so it’s hard to point you to the best route for you and your crew—but the U.S. National Parks are pretty amazing. There are so many to choose from that you can tailor your trip to what you love or where you live. Beaches, mountains, forests, deserts, sunsets, caves, lakes…the big sky’s the limit! Here are some inspirational photos from The Greatest Road Trip to get the ideas flowing. Also, Parks Canada and is offering free admission to their parks in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

Who Doesn’t Love a Classic?

Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, the Florida Keys…there’s a reason these routes are must-travel destinations. From amazing photo ops to wonderfully wacky attractions (the Devil’s Rope Barbed Wire Museum in Texas, anyone?) you can get your kicks in classic Americana style.

Themed Road Trips

Do you love craft brews? Lighthouses? Baseball parks? Turn your passion into an amazing (and memorable) road trip! We’ve pulled together some ideas to get you started:

  • Beer: Make a pilgrimage to your favorite brewery or pick a brewery-rich region and scope out a few different spots. (Just make sure you have a designated driver!)
  • Lighthouses: Love lighthouses but aren’t traveling near the ocean? Fear not: there are iconic lighthouses on lakesides in even the most landlocked of states.
  • Literature: If your dream is to be On the Road Jack Kerouac-style, pick a route that’ll emulate the journey taken in your favorite book.
  • Foliage: We’re a sucker for a good fall foliage tour. Cruising through the country and soaking up all those amazing views and colors is breathtaking.
  • Beaches: What’s a good summer road trip without a beach stop? Whether it’s a charming lakeside locale or a beach party hotspot, there’s more waterfront property to explore than you could imagine.
  • Movies: It’s true—a good movie can spur our desire to travel. Play the leading role in your own big screen adventure with a road trip based on your favorite movie (or favorite movie location!).
  • Baseball Parks: For the love of the game (or for one particular team), plan your travel to hit up your favorite parks and enjoy a good old-fashioned day of sportsmanship.
  • Wine: From Napa and Sonoma to Virginia’s lush vineyards, there are endless opportunities to enjoy a glass of your favorite variety (and generally a mouthwatering meal to go along with it).
  • History: Cruise into the past by visiting places where great men and women once changed the course of our country. Plus, you’ll learn a little in between having all that fun.
  • Skiing: Get the roof rack ready! Spend a week swooshing down black diamonds anywhere from Colorado’s famed slopes to New England’s picturesque trails.

We love a great road trip story! Where are you planning to travel this year? Be sure to share your road trip photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #gasbuddy when you hit the road. Happy Travels!

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