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Resolution: More in the Bank, Less in the Tank


GasBuddy loves helping you find the lowest gas prices, but c’mon!—we can do even more! The average American household spends 5% of its annual income on gas. To lower your numbers, check out our tips to help put more money in the bank and less in the tank.

  1. Fill Up at Dawn or Dusk When gas is a cool temperature, it’s more dense…and when it’s more dense, you get more of it at the pump. You should avoid filling up mid-day if you can.
  2. Whoa! Slow Your RollWhen you drive at a slower speed, you save more money than when you’re accelerating. Keep to the speed limit or below to make sure you’re maximize your efficiency.
  3. Keep it Steady Keeping your speed consistent will help as well. Try and avoid stop-and-go traffic, and consider cruise control to avoid accelerating quickly and stopping short (all of which will use more gas).
  4. Don’t Warm Your Car Up – We all love a toasty warm car when it’s cold (or that cool feeling of relief when it’s warm) but keep the warm up to a minimum to avoid wasting gas.
  5. What Day is it? – Gas prices typically rise on Thursday in anticipation of weekend travel. Try filling up on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for the lowest prices.
  6. Avoid Arctic Conditions – If you want to kill your miles-per-gallon average, just turn that air conditioner way up to arctic conditions and bask in the coolness of your cash.
  7. Don’t be a Drag – The roof rack you put on the car for vacation in August can come off now. Anything on top of the car is going to slow your aerodynamics, increase drag and use up more gas. Make sure the roof rack is on the car only when you need it.
  8. Lighten Up – Don’t carry your life around in the trunk. We know, we know—it’s convenient to keep all that stuff stored in the back just in case, but if you’re looking to save a little, lighten your load.
  9. Highway Stations = High Prices – Plan ahead and fuel up before you hit the highway. Gas stations right off the main drag are often pricier than others. (You pay a little extra for that convenience.)
  10. Carpool with a Friend – Hitch a ride or share driving duties with a friend to offset your car’s drive time. If you’re not driving, you’re definitely saving money.
  11. Are You Loyal? – If you live near a gas station that has consistently low prices, check to see if they have incentives or a loyalty program. You could get a reduced price for gas or deals on their convenience store items. 
  12. Love Your Car – To keep that car humming and in good shape, be sure you monitor your tire pressure, change filters and check fluids. Cars with low tire pressure that aren’t maintained properly don’t run efficiently.

Have a tip of your own? Share them with us and let other GasBuddies know how you save on gas!

And there’s more…
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My goal is to make the lives of our GasBuddies easier with tips, information and advice related to traveling and saving money. I spend many hours driving around in my Toyota 4Runner with my two young kids and big yellow dog. I write for GasBuddy but I carry these other titles as well: wife, mom, marketing maniac, dog owner, commuter, carpool driver, soccer and basketball coach, family CFO, chef, runner, yogi, skier, lover of books, sports fan, semi-retired golfer, knitting beginner, want-to-be painter and vacation planner. Thanks for letting me help you perfect your pit stop!

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