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Red, White & Fuel: What’s the Cost in Independence, USA?


Cue the fireworks. This 4th of July we’ll be seeing the lowest Independence Day gas prices since 2005. GasBuddy petroleum analysts are predicting the average price to be as low as $2.21/gallon compared to just three years ago when it was a whooping $3.66.

But not so fast! Don’t go out there making impulsive pit stops because although the average national gas price may be at historic lows, the price variance — or the “spread” — of gas prices in many areas on July 4 are at historic highs increasing your chances of overpaying at the pump over the holiday weekend if you aren’t careful.

To show just how much prices vary, we decided to look at how much gas costs in different cities named INDEPENDENCE. There are 24 states with a city or town named Independence. This trails behind other cities/towns whose names are inspired by America’s early beginnings, such as Franklin (42), Liberty (38) and Union (38).

The only thing these cities share is their name because gas prices are all over the map (literally), ranging from as high as $3.21 in Independence, CA to as low as $2.04 in Independence, MO.

Just remember that whichever city or town you travel through this weekend to celebrate the Independence Day holiday, make sure you have the free GasBuddy app downloaded to help make that pit stop a little more perfect.