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Never Pay Full Price Again – Pay with GasBuddy


Gas is not a luxury in our household. It’s a need. It’s hard to cut back and save money on something you have to buy.

I drive 100 miles to and from work each day. My husband does, too. That doesn’t even include the “extras” like driving to soccer practice, trips to visit grandparents and school drop offs. We live in the car.

As CFO of this family, I’m ALWAYS looking to save money but it’s exhausting. Who has time to scope out promotional codes, clip coupons, and sift through sale emails? It’s crazy.

That’s why the Pay with GasBuddy card make sense for me – and for you, too.

I can use it at any station I pull into – whatever the brand, wherever I am. Most times, I seek out the lowest price on my GasBuddy app but, honestly, sometimes I’m running really late and running really low and have to pull into a station I know is overpriced. Hey, it happens. But I don’t feel guilting filling up my 20-gallon tank anymore because I know I’ll get 5 cents off every gallon I buy. Yup. No more cringing-worth pumping! Using Pay with GasBuddy card is easy and convenient. I swipe and drive away knowing I’m a saver.

Are you ready to never pay full price for gas again? Sign up for free today at Pay with GasBuddy

My goal is to make the lives of our GasBuddies easier with tips, information and advice related to traveling and saving money. I spend many hours driving around in my Toyota 4Runner with my two young kids and big yellow dog. I write for GasBuddy but I carry these other titles as well: wife, mom, marketing maniac, dog owner, commuter, carpool driver, soccer and basketball coach, family CFO, chef, runner, yogi, skier, lover of books, sports fan, semi-retired golfer, knitting beginner, want-to-be painter and vacation planner. Thanks for letting me help you perfect your pit stop!