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Movie Theater Snacks On the Cheap


Movie studios release their big blockbusters in the summer and people flock to theaters to see them. There is something about a movie on the big screen at full volume that makes for a great experience…and sometimes acts as a reprieve from the heat with that cold air conditioning.

But the cost to go to a movie and enjoy their big tub of popcorn, oversize candy boxes and gigantic drinks can come at a steep price. A family of four could spend $50-75 to enjoy a two-hour movie. If you are looking to save a little money, have a movie night at home! Your local convenience store can help. They have tons of options to make a ho-hum Saturday night into a fun adventure!

Get Poppin’!
You can’t have a theater-like experience without popcorn! It may be hard to recreate the “buttery” goodness you enjoy at the movies but there are still some great options. Pick up some plain microwave popcorn and a stick of butter. Theaters use butter-flavored oil so the popcorn doesn’t get soggy but if you microwave the butter and then follow these easy steps to clarify it, you’ll get a really yummy imitation of theater popcorn. Or you could skip all these steps and buy a bag of Movie Theater Butter-flavored popcorn!

The Candyman Cometh
Because of your quick in-and-out visits, you probably didn’t even realize that your convenience store offers tons of theater-style candy that can be purchased for your amazing movie night. Jumbo size options give you that at-the-movies experience without having to leave your couch. And if you have kids…you’ll be a hero! I’ve been told the combo of popcorn and Milk Duds is a mess but oh-so good!

Quench that Thirst
The sky’s the limit with drinks. With so many plentiful options for drinks, everyone in your crew can be happy. If you were at a theater, you would be paying $4 for a water or polling your crew to see which soda pop everyone would be willing drink when you order a 32 ounce “small” to share. At the store, you can choose from Coke, Gatorade, water or even alcohol in some places. If you want to go big, you can buy a giant slushy or slurpee – and everyone can pick their own flavors! WooHoo!

Want to Watch It Again?
You can even buy very affordable movies at local convenience stores. If you see a favorite, be sure to pick it up. Sometimes the good ones are worth watching over and over again.

Take This Show Outdoors
After a fun-filled trip to a Drive In, my family bought an outdoor movie screen to recreate the experience at home. This screen attracts all the neighborhood kids. I’m often running down the street to my local gas station to pick up ingredients for s’mores, ice cream sandwiches and drinks to entertain this crew well into the evening. What a lifesaver…especially if you run out of bug spray!

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