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More than Cheap Gas: GasBuddy’s Evolution


Did you know that GasBuddy was founded nineteen years ago?

Much has changed since those early days, but we’ve continued to think big and reinvent ourselves. The past three years in particular have witnessed a number of innovative developments.

Some of these changes are obvious. We’ve crowdsourced fuel availability during major hurricanes, introduced ratings and reviews into the mobile app, and we even launched the only fuel savings card that’s accepted at virtually every station across the United States.

But it can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes. In case you missed it, I’d like to use this opportunity to highlight three additional key developments.


1. The introduction of GasBack

GasBuddy has moved from the app for cheap gas to the app for free gas. Announced last week, GasBack allows Pay With GasBuddy card holders to earn free gas from a combination of everyday purchases and promotions. Maybe someone shops at a store that offers 3% GasBack, or they sign up for a new service that provides $10 GasBack as part of a promotion. Either way, this amount is automatically applied to their next fuel purchase—effectively reducing the cost at the pump.

This also opens up new opportunities for partnerships. Do you want to harness the purchasing power of the 450,000+ Pay With GasBuddy network? Let’s talk. Email us at [email protected].

GasBuddy Advertising
2. GasBuddy Advertising

As one of the premiere travel apps on both iOS and Android, GasBuddy is relied on by more than 12 million active monthly users to find their Perfect Pit Stop. GasBuddies are motorists, parents, active travelers, and more. We work hard to enable integrated, native advertising campaigns that drive relevant offers and bring additional value to our users.

GasBuddy’s Shopper Marketing Solutions, for example, leverage our first-party, GPS-based data to provide campaign uplift results. We can help influence those last-minute decisions that are made during the path to purchase. Previous campaigns with CPG brands and others have seen visit uplifts as high as 278%.

Want to learn more or view a demonstration? Reach out and start the conversation at [email protected].

GasBuddy Business Pages
3. GasBuddy Business Pages

GasBuddy understands the fuel and convenience retailing industry. That’s why we harnessed nearly two decades of experience to create the first listings management solution designed exclusively for fuel and convenience retailers.

Many of today’s consumers rely on smartphone apps to find stations. In fact, 82% of U.S. smartphone users have performed a “near me” search for local businesses. If you lack accurate information for your stations on Google Maps, GasBuddy, Waze, and more, then consumers are unlikely to find them.

We help our clients update their listings and stand out on the most popular platforms. In an upcoming white paper, we show how one retailer was able to achieve a 300X return on their investment with GasBuddy Business Pages.

Beyond listings management, we leverage our in-app ratings, analytics, and first-party, GPS-based data to provide reputation management solutions and powerful business intelligence. Leading retailers rely upon this information to identify high and low-performing outliers across their brand, inform strategic planning decisions, and more.

Want to view a demonstration or see what we know about your brand? Contact us at [email protected]

Analyst/Evangelist, Convenience Store and Retail Trends

Frank Beard is a speaker, writer, and industry advocate who serves as GasBuddy's analyst/evangelist of convenience store and retail trends. His insights have been featured in publications such as NPR, USA Today,, and the Washington Post. Beard has presented at the NACS Show, Outlook Leadership, the Partnership for a Healthier America's 2017 Summit, and numerous regional and corporate events.