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Member Profile: Carrie, The Adventure Seeker


Carrie has been a GasBuddy member for more than 10 years. She lives in Los Angeles “with a V8 truck and an fidgeting/adventure-seeking mind” and most weekends, you will find her driving to one of the beautiful mountains, national parks or beaches in Southern California to find a new adventure.

We caught up with Carrie towards the end of her month-long Pacific Northwest snowboarding road trip, chasing the snow and creating new memories.

First of all, where are you right now?!

February is the best month for snowboarding. Every year I look forward to snow season and this year I decided to take some time off from work and really go on an adventure! My first stop was to Portland, OR. The initial plan was to head the border of Canada, to Mt Baker in Washington state but the snow was ehhh, so after a couple of days in Oregon I headed to Mt. Shasta and now I’m at at Lake Tahoe in California. My next stop will be Mammoth Mountain, one of my favorite mountains.

The base of Mt. Shasta on Feb 12, 2018

What do you drive?

A beloved 2002 V8 Toyota Tundra, in “thunder gray metallic.” I see my truck as an extension of my home – I have snacks, a change of clothes, and other comfort items to ensure a comfortable ride in traffic! Now you know why I love and need GasBuddy right? I have to be smart about where I filled up. I was on a budget since I was back in school.

I use GasBuddy religiously when on the road. It has saved me on many occasions…both from being stranded and hundreds of dollars, especially when gas was $5/gal in California. I also enjoy the “Price Prediction” feature – who doesn’t love a crystal ball??

What is your favorite thing about road tripping?

Oh, it’s a way of life for me! My favorite thing about road tripping is taking in all the views you miss from the air, making impromptu stops at interesting thrift shops or vista points, enjoying the local weather and radio stations and having the flexibility of sleeping in the car if need be! As a spontaneous person, I like having all options available to me so I can change my mind if the mood, weather or conditions change.

Having a buddy or two along the way just adds to the connections (and hijinx!) you’re able to create. Road-tripping has always reminded me of the energy you feel when you watch your favorite TV show film at an exotic new backdrop (remember when Saved By The Bell went to Hawaii??)!

Any saving tips?

I live in California so even when I’m not road tripping but just running errands around town, I regularly check the app since gas prices are crazy high and varies a ton. And aside from using the GasBuddy app, I cook at home as much as I can to save even more.

Have fun Carrie shredding the powder!

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