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If You Show Up on Google, Thank Your Customers


Showing up and standing out in search engine results requires fresh, authentic content. Location-based customer reviews are worth their weight in gold for fuel retailers and c-store owners looking to claim space on Google’s first page.

Since the search engine announced plans to change its algorithm to give more prominence to websites that were mobile friendly, brands have been scrambling to find ways to keep their sites from plunging into the dead space that is the second page of Google search results. Businesses that haven’t adjusted to escape the effects of 2015’s “Mobilegeddon” can still be found through directory services and generic customer review sites such as Yelp, which contain the relevant and timely content customers are seeking. But with their position in such a unique retail category, fuel and c-store brands rarely benefit from this and must find a way to be heard over all the Yelp-ing.

In the March 8 CSP article, “It’s Not Easy Being Seen,” we ask, “If you aren’t on Google, are you still in business?” Bottom line, if customers can’t find you, they aren’t going to visit your store. As fuel retailers, what are you doing to stay on top of it? How can you take an active role in soliciting feedback from your customers? In addition to providing you with valuable insight into your customers’ experiences, the content will help elevate your position in search results—putting your business back on the map.

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