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How Oil Is Formed


Way down deep below us are oil reservoirs that become the gasoline we use to power our cars, lawnmowers, boats and more!  GasBuddy explores how that oil formed a long, long, LONG time ago!

How Oil Is Formed - GasBuddy Infographic

I love helping GasBuddies save money every day. Remember when gas cost over $3 a gallon? I used to travel all over the northeast U.S. in a Ford E-350, and wow, did that vehicle love to guzzle my savings! That's where my passion for saving and traveling started and now, as a public relations guru at GasBuddy, I get to research it as part of my job! And off the clock, I'm a sushi fanatic, serial gamer and professional musician. So stick with me GasBuddies if you want more in your bank and less in your tank!

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