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How Celebrities Pump Their Gas


Celebrities take their kids to school, shop for groceries and even fill up their tanks at gas stations. But have you ever thought about how they pump their gas? We’re taking a look at the pumping habits of celebrities at local gas stations to see how they compare to our own pumping habits!

1. Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner is filling up a stunning car at this Chevron station. She’s in an unconventional position pumping her gas, but hey, we understand why. It makes for a perfect photo-op!

2. Chris Pratt

Glamour Magazine

Chris Pratt looks like he’s filled up his truck at the gas station hundreds of times. Have you seen his one-hand-over-the-nozzle fill-up technique? Leaning back, hand in the pocket, he’s making it look so easy.

3. Hilary Duff

Celebrities have to multitask, just like us! Hilary Duff’s pumping gas into her Jeep while chatting on the phone. And there’s no need to be uncomfortable while pumping your gas – sneakers, leggings, and sweats are the way to go.

4. Jamie Foxx

Lipstick Alley

Jamie Foxx’s approach to pumping is much more attentive. Shoulders tilted, both hands on the nozzle, he’s making sure no precious gasoline gets wasted or spilled on his immaculate shoes.

5. Victoria Beckham


Equipped with a latex glove and letting the ‘hold-open’ clip on the nozzle pump the car for her, Posh Spice is taking no chances while filling up her van at the gas station. And she’s wise for doing so, since the gas pump is among one of the dirtiest things you can touch. We’re wondering what the lady peering out from behind the gas pump might be thinking about the situation.

6. Ryan Gosling

Daily Mail

Ryan Gosling’s a gas pumping pro, proving that even celebrities care about keeping their car clean. He’s letting the nozzle do all the work for him while he squeegees the windshield.

7. Matt Damon

Matt Damon Pumping Gas
Just Jared

When Matt Damon’s not starring in action films, he’s pumping his own gas. One hand-in-the-pocket, the other one manually holding the nozzle, his nonchalant attitude about filling up his tank makes us feel even closer to the #celebritylife.

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