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How C-Stores Can Leverage Customer Reviews to Boost Foot Traffic & Sales (Infographic)


If you had the opportunity to win back 80% of your unhappy customers, would you? The solution is at your fingertips.

Now, more than ever, your customers are in control, and their growing engagement with local online ratings and reviews have become the building blocks of your brand. Since GasBuddy launched the ratings and reviews feature within its app in April 2016, users have submitted more than seven million individual station and c-store ratings and hundreds of thousands of written reviews.

As a retailer, you have the opportunity to rebuild and reclaim your brand through real-time responsiveness and authentic interactions with your customers. According to a recent survey, a majority of GasBuddies take your overall star rating, individual written customer reviews and whether you have taken the time to respond to a review into consideration when deciding where to fuel up or grab their morning coffee.

And what about the customers who have left a negative review, vowing to never to return? All is not lost.

Eight out of 10 survey respondents said they would consider returning to a store if they received a personal response to their complaint.

Key highlights from our survey:

  • 74% of GasBuddies actively rate stations and c-stores; 75% find ratings and reviews helpful when choosing where to stop.
  • 69% of users wouldn’t consider visiting your store if it had less than three stars, while 43% of GasBuddies only read 1-3 reviews before forming an opinion.
  • 72% would consider revisiting a store if their complaint was resolved quickly.
  • Nearly 70% of customers disregard reviews that are more than 30 days old.

Perfect Your Pit Stop Infographic

GasBuddy is a company that connects drivers with their Perfect Pit Stop. As the leading source for crowdsourced, real-time fuel prices at more than 150,000 gas station convenience stores in the U.S., Canada and Australia, millions of drivers use the GasBuddy app and website every day to find gas station convenience stores based on fuel prices, location and ratings/reviews. GasBuddy’s first-of-its-kind fuel savings program, Pay with GasBuddy, has saved Americans more than $4.5 million at the pumps since its launch in 2017.