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He Bought, She Bought: Valentine’s Day Edition


Consumers are expected to spend a whopping $88 on their significant other/spouse this Valentine’s Day, according to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Let’s be real: Does proving your love really have to be so expensive? What if you could show your Valentine how much you care by spending way less on a thoughtful gift from a gas station convenience store?

We put this idea to the test.

Meet Frank and Sam from Des Moines, Iowa. They’ve been a happy couple for the past 7 months. You might recognize Frank, GasBuddy’s convenience store evangelist/analyst.

We sent Frank and Sam on the ultimate challenge: get Valentine’s Day gifts for each other at a gas station convenience store. The rules were simple:

  • Go into a gas station convenience store separately – you don’t want to ruin the surprise!
  • No gag gifts. You have pick out thoughtful gifts, the other individual will (hopefully) like.
  • Budget: $20 per person
  • So what did they end up getting? And more importantly…are they still together?!


    Store: Pilot Travel Center

    I walked into the store with no clue what to buy Frank. As I was walking around I found a bunch of goofy, fun truck stop t-shirts and a shelf of Disney characters, including Mickey and Donald.

    Inside secret: On a recent trip to Disneyland together, I found out that Donald Duck was Frank’s FAVORITE character as a kid. Donald, you’re coming with me!

    So what else could I get? Frank loves chocolate, so I was able to squeeze in some extra acai and blueberry-flavored dark chocolate bites.

    TOTAL: $19.06

    Store: QuikTrip

    When I walked in I didn’t see any Valentine’s Day cards, stuffed animals, flowers or other items that would be easy to get.

    I walked around the store trying to find something Sam would like. Then I saw it. Sam loves wine, especially sauvignon blanc. Options were a bit limited but I was a man on a budget, so that’s okay.

    So what goes good with wine? After a few laps around the store I settled on some red grapes, Cracker Barrel Cheese Squares and and some parmesan and garlic pretzel crisps (yum). And chocolate!

    TOTAL: $19.52


    These pretzel and cheese bites are delicious! And WINE! Thank you!


    I couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that she actually found a Donald Duck plushie. It was incredibly thoughtful. Love it.

    Instead of an overcrowded, overpriced restaurant with dozens of other couples, just take $20 and visit your local gas station. We did and we loved it!

    Have you ever done anything like Frank and Sam for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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