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GasBuddy to Give Away Tens of Thousands of Gallons of Free Gas Across the USA


Tank Takeover GasBuddyYou heard right!

This year we’re traveling across the country taking over tanks and giving away free gas to GasBuddy members as part of GasBuddy’s exclusive 2017 Tank Takeover Series.

The series kicks off in Houston, Texas tomorrow at a Corner Store location just in time to get the city’s football fans ‘pumped’ for The Big Game.

GasBuddy and Corner Store, one of the country’s largest convenience store retailers, will once again join forces to fill the tanks of drivers who have the free GasBuddy app downloaded, and a GasBuddy profile created, with upwards of $20 worth of free fuel per vehicle. At each event, there will also be special drink coupons, food samples and giveaways so consumers can “fuel their journey for the road ahead.”

The 2017 GasBuddy Tank Takeover Series is based on the successful debut and events that ran throughout 2016 in various cities like Charlotte, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Sydney, Australia. Thousands of people attended each GasBuddy Tank Takeover creating lines around the block, increasing foot traffic for the gas station convenience store, and resulting in more than $100,000 worth of free media coverage per event.

Why are we doing this?

We want to show you, our passionate users how much we appreciate you, and provide you with a unique experience of the modern-day gas station.

GasBuddy recently launched the reviews feature, where you can now write and read about all aspects of a gas station, the customer service the food, the bathroom. For additional information about the GasBuddy Tank Takeover series, visit and follow @GasBuddy on Facebook and Twitter. Exact time and locations will be revealed first to GasBuddy members via the mobile app…so be sure to register!