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GasBuddy Reveals Q2 Regional Ratings Data for Convenience Stores


From April 1-June 30, 2017, GasBuddy users submitted nearly 1.2 million ratings on their overall gas station and convenience store experiences, as well as on station and restroom cleanliness, coffee quality, customer service and outdoor lighting.

We’ve sliced the map into six regions around the U.S. for our Q2 Regional Ratings Results. Check out the infographic below for highlights and to see which regions our winners (Wawa, QuikTrip, Costco, Kelley’s Market and Buc-ee’s) captured.

How can your brand boost its ratings in Q3? As fuel marketers and convenience stores chains, you don’t own your brand—your customers do. Social listening and feedback gathering is invaluable for seeing how your brand and the customer experience you offer is perceived.

With GasBuddy Business Pages’ reputation management solution, you can monitor these crowdsourced ratings and reviews in real time and respond to inquiries that require action or attention. Leverage customer feedback and insights to inform and enhance operations and mystery shopping programs. With Business Pages, you can also obtain in-depth data and reporting on customer interactions and feedback, nearby competitors and online searches and impressions to drive key business decisions—and create a better customer experience.

For more information on GasBuddy Business Pages, contact [email protected].

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