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GasBuddy Activates Gas Tracker App Features as Lane Heads Towards Hawaii


We have activated our fuel availability tracker app features for those in Hawaii ahead of Hurricane Lane’s arrival to help motorists in affected areas find gasoline starting today, should motorists need assistance finding fuel supply. While the event will not likely impact gas prices, it may disrupt the normal flow of gasoline and diesel as motorists prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Lane.

When activated, GasBuddy’s free app can differentiate stations that have no gasoline, no diesel or no power so that motorists can try other stations. The crowdsourced tracker can be updated by motorists and displays the status for locations that have been reported to GasBuddy. Motorists are encouraged to report the status of any station they see to help others find gasoline or avoid stations with no fuel or power.

Motorists can download the GasBuddy app with gas tracker features to their mobile device here.

When a motorist is near a station that has no gas, power or diesel, the GasBuddy app will automatically display NO GAS or NO POWER and NO DIESEL icons next to the station on the list screen, and the station will be highlighted in red on the map screen.


  • Quick Report Button(only enabled if stations in your vicinity are reported without fuel already)
    A quick reporting button will prompt you for information. Click on this button to report the gas, diesel and power situation at that station.
  • Edit Station Detail Page
    At the bottom of the Station Detail page, you can “Suggest Station Edits” and report whether it has gas, diesel or power.
  • GasBuddy Analysts
    Our analysts will continue to monitor and provide information on the situation via the @GasBuddy Twitter account and the GasBuddy blog.

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