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Live updates on fuel availability and gas station outages in states affected by Hurricane Florence.

Our fuel-availability tracking systems were active until October 8, notifying users of gas stations with no fuel or power.



8:30am ET

Last night we discovered that some station outages were not funneled into the overview look of station outages in each DMA/State, shown above. The systems have been fixed. Higher percentage of stations are without fuel than originally reported.
*The app has always correctly shown which stations do and do not have fuel*

North Carolina
Wilmington 51.5%
Greenville-New Bern-Washington 48%
Raleigh-Durham 33%

South Carolina
Charleston 24.8%
Myrtle Beach-Florence 18%
Charlotte 10.5%


5pm ET
Hurricane Florence will not result in widespread gas price spikes, analyst says

“Gasoline availability has been a headache, but the good news is that supply has remained healthy. Stations aren’t able to refill their storage tanks as quickly as motorists are filling up due to the influx of demand,” says Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy. “Supply continues to flow out of refineries at normal levels, so the outages at stations are more of a headache than a panic – there’s many stations that still have fuel as refiners and gasoline production have continued countrywide. There have been no refinery shutdowns as a result of Florence.”

2pm ET
We’re starting to monitor fuel availability in Georgia. State of emergency declared for the state as the signs show Hurricane Florence could be shifting slightly to the south.

10am ET
Numbers of gas stations running out of fuel continue to climb. GasBuddy’s tracker now seeing a couple of DMAs with more than 10% of stations without gas:

North Carolina
Raleigh-Durham 11%
Wilmington 10.5%
Greenville-New Bern-Washington 6.2%

South Carolina
Charleston 9.9%
Myrtle Beach-Florence 3.3%

Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News 3.4%


9pm ET
More than 10% of gas stations in Wilmington, NC without fuel
Raleigh-Durham 9.7%
Charleston, SC 9.6%

10am ET
GasBuddy’s petroleum analyst says gas prices will not spike as refineries are not affected.

8am ET
Overnight the first reports of stations without fuel from GasBuddy members on the grounds in Hurricane affected areas were submitted. The DMAs with the most reports of fuel outages are as follow:

North Carolina
Wilmington 5.7% stations without fuel
Greenville-New Bern-Washington 4.1%
Raleigh-Durham 3.2%

South Carolina
Charleston 1.8%
Myrtle Beach-Florence 1.7%

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