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Elderly Japanese Drivers are Offered Incentives to Give up Their Licenses


Following a rise in road traffic accidents, elderly drivers in Japan are being offered a discount deal on noodle soup if they agree to give up their driving licenses.

Police in Aichi Prefecture, south of Tokyo, are offering a program of discounts with the Sugakiya restraurant chain, known for its famous ramen soup. A 15% discount on the dish will now be offered to elderly divers who agree to relinquish their licneses, with the offer honored at all 176 of the franchise’s restaurants across the region.

This is the latest experimental initiative being tried out by the Aichi police as part of a campaign to dissuage pensioners form getting behind the wheel, including discounts on local taxis and offers at public baths. Police are hopeful the program will go some way towards stemming the rise in road accidents involving elderly people.

In late October, an 87-year-old man was arrested after he drove into a line of children on their way to school, killing a six-year-old boy. The man said he “didn’t remember where he’d been,” according to Asahi News.

Should we have similar efforts in the U.S.? Would you like to see the government offer incentives for senios to give up their licenses?

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