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Does Your Car Have a Name?


According to a survey issued by Nationwide, 25% of U.S. drivers name their cars. We’ve all heard the names…Old Blue…Buttercup…The Lemon. My friend, Kaitlin, drove a used Honda Accord which she affectionately called Goldie. I’m sure you can imagine the color. We had the best trips in that golden car!

Our cars are with us on every journey. It’s not surprising that many people name them!

So…does your car have a name?

GasBuddy recently introduced the Car Profile feature. Set up a Car Profile and you’ll know instantly if your car has been recalled. Not only did we want to create a tool to keep users safe but we wanted to have some fun with it, too!

Whether it’s a nod to KITT, General Lee, or Lighting McQueen or an original name like White Lightening, Bumblebee or the Mean Green Machine, give your car some love in its Car Profile. Open the app and select “Profile” and then “My Car”. Hit the edit button to change its name and add a photo. It’s so easy!

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