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City Spotlight: Chicago


Get ready GasBuddies, we’re heading to the Windy City to give away some free gas tomorrow, April 19! We have partnered with Shop Your Way to fill the tanks of Chicagoans. And hey, with average gas prices in Chicago at $3.02/gal (39 cents higher than last year) and summer travel right around the corner…we could all use some free gas in our tanks.

So it only makes sense for this month’s city spotlight to be Chicago! Did you know that Chicago’s the third most-populated city in the U.S. with over 2.7 million people? And with more highways entering its region than any other city in the nation, Chicago has high demand for gas station convenience stores to fill-up on fuel, food and other necessities. So many choices! That’s why we’re taking out the guesswork by sharing the highest-rated pit stops in Chicago, according to GasBuddy.



Kean Bros.
This gas station pulls out all the stops by pumping your gas and washing your windows for no additional charge! GasBuddy users also love the clean bathrooms and excellent customer service.

Address: 2632 W 111th St, Chicago
GasBuddy rating: 4.7 stars

GasBuddies consistently give this station top marks for overall experience, complete with a convenience store, air for the tires, and well-priced gas.

Address: 5501 S Ashland Ave, Chicago
GasBuddy rating: 4.7 stars

SuperFuel’s friendly and polite employees are the highlight of this station. Some GasBuddy users even stop by just to say hi, even when they don’t need a fill-up!

Address: 1201 N Central Ave, Chicago
GasBuddy rating: 4.6 stars

Location, location, location! This 24-hour Thorntons is conveniently located right off the expressway, with GasBuddy reviews highlighting their excellent food selection, customer service and cleanliness.

Address: 3450 S California Ave, Chicago
GasBuddy rating: 4.6 stars

This Shell station was recently renovated and even offers a cash discount! GasBuddy users commend this station’s cleanliness and customer service. Bonus: You can even stop and have a bite at the restaurants attached the convenience store.

Address: 3700 W Addison, Chicago
GasBuddy rating: 4.6 stars

Have you stopped by any of these pit stops in Chicago? Let us know in the comments!

Banner Photo credit: By Daniel Schwen – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

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