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Bridging the gap between online and offline experiences using location intelligence


GasBuddy’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Mark Coffey, recently spoke with eMarketer’s Caroline Cakebread, about the importance of location intelligence in bridging the gap between online and offline experiences.

In a world where marketers are shifting their focus to digital tactics and online experiences, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that a majority of consumer purchases today are still made in the physical world at stores and shops. Connecting these two experiences presents an ongoing challenge for marketers but a huge opportunity for businesses and is a key focus at GasBuddy.

Mark discussed his insights and how Gasbuddy works to repair the disconnect between the online and offline world. Here are some highlights:

  • Location data is critical to closing the gap between the online and offline world. It gives marketers a broader and more precise view of the customer journey. The powerful insights gathered through location data are then used to create impactful moments for marketers to influence the behavior of the consumer.

  • The ultimate goal for marketers is to drive consumers to make a purchase. However, purchase data is difficult to access. There are two pieces of location data that are very meaningful to help marketers predict purchase behavior: 1) a user’s physical location and 2) a user’s dwell time at that location. GasBuddy looks closely at dwell time to understand when users are just filling up their tanks vs. those who are going into a convenience store to make another purchase.

  • Most consumers need reminding more than they need convincing. The ability to engage with consumers at specific locations and at any time during the day reminding them of the options in the immediate proximity to them creates one of the most impactful moments of marketing for influencing behavior.

  • Enhancements to location intelligence and the drastic increase of time that consumers spend on their mobile devices has allowed publishers, like GasBuddy, to run more effective, highly targeted campaigns for advertisers. Advertisers can now analyze real-world visits and uplift resulting from their online campaigns to truly measure their return on investment.

  • Privacy has become an increasing concern for consumers when it comes to data. It’s important for marketers to be honest with consumers about how and why they are using their data. It is equally as important for consumers to recognize when the exchange is valuable to them. In the case of GasBuddy, a user’s location allows us to provide them with the nearest stations and best prices.

    Interested in speaking with Mark or a member of our team to learn about how GasBuddy can help you bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds? Reach out to us today.

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