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What does your car’s color say about you?


We’ve all had that moment when you get a new (or new-to-you) set of wheels. Did you dream about a cherry red shine? Or did you pick the silver just because it looked nice?

Either way, there may have been another reason why you chose that color – science! Research has shown that color and personality are closely related, so whether or not you buy into the concept, take a look and see what your car color says about you.



Black is a powerful color, many prominent figures have chosen to drive a black car (Batman anyone?). Black car drivers tend to be detail oriented since they require a bit of upkeep to maintain that sleek and shiny paint job.



Not to be outdone, this owner prefers an understated color with a side of flash. Silver represents a tech-forward, futuristic driver. Many new vehicle models are revealed in this forward-thinking color.



It might sound a little obvious but this driver is down-to-earth. You might see this vehicle on mountain roads or parked off a hiking trail. No need for frequent car washes, this car (and driver) can take the dirt.



Not always available in the dealer’s lot, but when you see it, it makes an impact! A yellow car indicates a joyful driver with a cautious driving style.



Whether your car is bright green or more of an evergreen, green car owners love to put the rubber to the road. Green car drivers aren’t worried about what other driver’s think, they are original and fun!



You can always depend on someone who drives a blue car. Blue cars tend to be driven by self-assured, confident owners. This color can also have a calming effect on those driving around them.



You don’t mind being noticed and you probably have a little extra energy with a whole lot of passion. You also might not always remember where you parked and red is easy to spot.



Similar to black car owners, this car’s exterior needs a bit of upkeep. A spot clean is no big deal for this prideful car owner. This driver is contemporary and tasteful and may tend to live in a warmer climate.

What color car do you drive? Does this hold true for you?