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GasBuddy Celebrates TANKS-giving


Our biggest event of the year is finally here: Tanks-giving! We will devote the entire month of November to show you how “tank”ful we are for our GasBuddy community by giving out free gas and providing you more chances to earn points.

Plymouth, USA
Plymouth, Massachusetts is the site of the first Thanksgiving…and it will also be the site of the GasBuddy Tanks-giving Tank Takeover event! We’ll be taking over a gas station somewhere in Plymouth, MA and giving away free gas on November 15, 2017. Look for notifications via our social media accounts and push notifications on exactly where it’s happening.

But wait! What about other cities named Plymouth? You’re in luck because on November 15, 2017, Pay with GasBuddy users will get an additional 1¢ discount — on top of their regular Pay with GasBuddy discount — when they fill-up in a city named Plymouth! You won’t want to miss this deal so sign up for a free Pay with GasBuddy card today.

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Gas Gobbler Giveaway
A $100 gas gift card will be given to one lucky winner in our Gas Gobbler Giveaway! To qualify, share a photo of you dressed as a turkey at a gas station via Twitter using the hashtag #GasGobblerGiveaway and @GasBuddy. One lucky person will be chosen as the Gas Gobbler winner.

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1621 Celebration
1621 is the year of the first Thanksgiving. To recognize this — and to give us another reason to give out even more free gas — 16 Pay with GasBuddy users will win $21 in free gas! Sign up for a free Pay with GasBuddy card between now and November 23, 2017 to be eligible to win. It’s easy as pie to sign up and you’ll enjoy gas savings each time you fill-up all year long!

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Black Friday
Pay with GasBuddy users always get a deal at the pump but they’ll get an even BIGGER deal on Black Friday! Pay with GasBuddy cardholders will enjoy an additional 3¢ discount (on top of their regular Pay with GasBuddy discount!) when they fill-up on Friday, November 24, 2017. Save more with GasBuddy!

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Tanks-giving Gas Gobbler Challenge
Earn more points in November with our Gas Gobbler Challenge! Gobble up (or report) 16 prices and refer a friend to celebrate Tanks-giving!

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