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Let’s Hit The Road. It’s Spring Break!


It’s time to shake off those winter blues and celebrate spring with some fun! This is the season where many people vacation with their family, others make a plan to meet up with friends at a fun spot and some use the spring to check a destination off their bucket list. Here are some tips for enjoying your spring break!

Just Looking to Get Away?

If you’re not in college or have school age children, steer clear of weeks where school is out – and that varies. Costs often skyrocket as demand peaks. Consider early or late April as many colleges have spring breaks in March and K-12 school breaks often occur in mid-February, mid- March or mid-April. Avoid those hikes in hotel rates if you can.

Have School-Age Kids?

Whether you plan to get out of town or enjoy a restful staycation, spring break is a great opportunity to explore.

If You’re Leaving Home…

  • Stop and Smell the Roses – Sometimes we are so focused on getting to our final destination that we forget to stop and check out the sites along the way. Research your route before you leave to see if you can stretch your legs at a cool historic site or have a picnic at a scenic lookout.
  • Kick it Old School – Hey, we’re the first to admit that in-car video systems and iPads have significantly decreased the number of times you hear “Are we there yet?” but try to set some time aside for some old-school road trip games. They are fun! Check out the GasBuddy’s Road Trip Games Pinterest board for some ideas.

If You’re Staying Home…

  • Find a New Playground – This may seem like a simple suggestion but sometimes a change of scenery and a new place to explore can be worth a few extra minutes in the car. Be sure to pack a lunch or snack and extend the trip even more. Many times, I bring my fancy camera and a fun trip turns a mini-photo shoot that I can turn into gifts for my family.
  • Museum Madness
    • Local camps – Many museums offer workshops, camps and classes as a creative outlet for the kiddos.
    • Or a Regular Old Visit – The cost of a yearly membership may be close to the price you pay for one visit. Be sure to compare costs. A membership can give you unlimited access and reduced pricing throughout the year.
  • Take a Hike – Many state and local parks offer easy trails for kids so they can explore nature and burn off some of that energy. Fresh air usually results in a good night’s sleep, too (wink, wink).

In College?

According to a survey released in February by, 50% of college students will be driving to their spring break destination, presumably sharing that expense with their friends. We’ve all known years where money is tight so here are a few tips if you’re road tripping to a warm beach, for a ski-cation and anywhere in between:

  • Use GasBuddy’s Trip-cost calculator. You can estimate how much gas will cost before you leave so there are no surprises. You and your friends can pool your money before the trip and pay from the “gas pot” each time you need to fill up. This approach helps you avoid the inevitable friend who has alligator arms when reaching for their wallets.
  • Convenience stores are also a great place to stock up on food and munchies both during your trip and at your destination. Mini-bars in hotels are REALLY expensive…if you even have one.

But whatever you choose to do, have FUN! Let us know where you are headed or where you’ve been this spring. We love a good road trip story!

My goal is to make the lives of our GasBuddies easier with tips, information and advice related to traveling and saving money. I spend many hours driving around in my Toyota 4Runner with my two young kids and big yellow dog. I write for GasBuddy but I carry these other titles as well: wife, mom, marketing maniac, dog owner, commuter, carpool driver, soccer and basketball coach, family CFO, chef, runner, yogi, skier, lover of books, sports fan, semi-retired golfer, knitting beginner, want-to-be painter and vacation planner. Thanks for letting me help you perfect your pit stop!