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Last Minute C-Store Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day and you are cutting it so close that soon even Amazon Prime won’t be able to help you. No worries! Head on down to your local convenience store where we can save you with these ideas and keep you in good graces with your sweetheart. We even have an idea to spread the love – sweetie or not!

Hey, Sugar – Chocolates and candy are a classic Valentine’s Day gift. You can jazz up this gift with these two ideas.

  • Candy Bouquet – Pick out some yummy chocolate and candy and fashion them into a bouquet for a cool display, or dress it up in a little basket or bag. Presentation can get you far!
  • Sundae Buffet – Create a make-your-own-sundae bar with ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and toppings for a fun-filled night.

Cheers to Us – If your sweetheart’s idea of fun is a cozy evening hanging out at home with you, pick up a bottle of wine and toast to a relaxing night of togetherness. Some stores even sell DVDs if you want to make it a movie night.

Stop and Smell the Roses – A single red rose is a symbol of love and many stores carry them for just such an occasion. A few even carry bouquets of flowers if roses aren’t your thing.

Buy Yourself Something Nice – Gift card displays are the height of convenience when you need a gift in a pinch. Maybe not super personal but always appreciated especially by people like me who don’t often splurge on themselves.

Scratch that Itch – Roll the dice (well, not really) but there is something exciting about scratch tickets and the idea of winning some extra cash. If your sweetie likes a game of chance, this could be a fun way to their heart.

Your Love is So Bright  New shades are a great gift if you love someone who often loses things or maybe sits on their sunglasses when they get back in the car. (Anyone else out there or is it just me?) Write a note in the card saying that your love for them is so bright…they’ll need some shades!

Aww! So Thoughtful! – Find the rack of magazines, buy one you know your love will enjoy and then pull out the card and sign them up for a year’s subscription. A reminder of your love will come once a month for a whole year!

Fuel the Love – If this year you find yourself without a main squeeze, turn that into an opportunity to spread the love to others in need. A local charity in my area gives gas cards to cancer patients to help offset the cost of traveling to and from their treatments. Pick up a gift card for gas and make a donation to a similar charity. Fueling the love feels so good!

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