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Fill’er Up with Some Finger Licking Fried Chicken


Did you know that Kentucky Fried Chicken’s founder Colonel Harlan Sanders (fun fact: he was not a military Colonel; the title was honorary) gave his famous fried chicken its start at a Shell gas station in 1930? Fortunately for us (and our taste buds), this 85-year-old KFC tradition of serving great food at stations is still alive and well throughout the South.

Not only can you get a decent meal at southern gas stations but in many cases the stations themselves have become destinations for hungry drivers, say our friends at Thrillist in their recent post “How Gas Stations Became Food Meccas in the South.”

Feeling hungry? The GasBuddy app can help you find these stations anywhere in the U.S.  Open your app, click on any station and read the ratings and reviews. They will give you the inside track on great burgers, malts and even fresh fruit parfaits.

Recently, I was on a road trip to the Lakes region of New Hampshire. My friend and I were at a stop light when he pointed to the gas station on the corner and said, “Did you know that place has amazing chicken wings?”  Not believing him, I immediately opened my GasBuddy app and scrolled to the reviews section where the first review said “This place has great chicken wings.”  Huh! Who knew?

Do you have gas station that’s a hidden gem because of its fare?  Tweet us @GasBuddy or leave a comment below!


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