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Eco-Friendly Products and Cars


Many of us have become more careful over the years about recycling, reusing and protecting our natural resources. If “every little bit helps,” here are some products that will help you keep your car sparkling clean and are earth friendly.  And if you want to take your environmentalism a step further, we’ve pull together information on fuel-efficient cars.

So Fresh and So Clean
These three companies specializing in products designed to clean and protect your car by using very little water (only a cup in some cases!) and include fewer toxins in order to minimize runoff and better protect our natural resources.

Scrub a Dub Tips and Tricks
When washing your vehicle, you can implement a few more tactics that can curb the environmental impact, like washing your car on gravel (if you can) or create a homemade cleaning solution using vinegar. This article has some great tips. Click here.

Take It Up a Notch and Purchase a Fuel-Efficient Car

The appeal of paying less for gas is often a factor when deciding to purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle. As technology and infrastructure progress, the car options increase so you can choose which suits your needs whether it’s a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fully electric or just a very efficient, fuel-powered vehicle.

Consumer reports created a list of fuel-efficient cars based on miles per gallon. Many of the top picks are hybrids (naturally) but if you are not ready to take the plunge with a hybrid or an electric vehicle, there are some very efficient, fuel-powered cars listed as well. They have a list of SUVs in the same criteria, too. This is a great way to become familiar with the vehicles that are available in order to narrow down what will work for you.

Other resources include, which is part of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, and PlugInAmerica a consumer-driven non-profit that provides information about plug-in/electric cars.



Here are a few options to consider:

Family Vehicle
If you have a big crew that needs to be hauled around, check out these 7-seat options that will get you from here to there but will help you save fuel along the way.

It seems like a lot of options in the sedan category which is great but also overwhelming! So many choices! Here are a few to check out but, again, there are many out there. Be sure to do a little research before making a purchase.

If you like riding in style but are interested in conserving gas or are conscientious about the environment, take a look at these options.

There aren’t a ton of options out there for those who prefer to drive a truck but the times are a-changin’. Ford announced recently that they are developing a hybrid for their popular F-150. GM currently offers eAssist on their trucks but are tailoring their production based on user demand and location.

If you use an eco-friendly car product or drive a fuel-efficient car that you love and would recommend to other GasBuddies, let us know. We’d love to hear your about your experience!

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