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Discover the Best Cars and Products for Camping


Camping is one of the best ways to spend your time in the summer. You can breathe in that fresh air and stare at the stars. Here are some cars and accessories that will make for a smooth trip!


This Napier Sportz SUV tent gives you extra space to roam around yet provides easy access the back of your SUV. There are so many SUV models and manufacturers are making tents to accommodate many of them.

Honda offers a tent made especially for their Honda Pilots as an accessory when you’re making your purchase. You could drive off the lot and head right to your camping site!

Trucks and camping are a natural fit. The off-roading capabilities coupled with the bed of a truck makes it the perfect place to crash after a long, mountain hike. From platforms to mattresses that fit the bed of your truck, you can hook yourself up with some great accessories. Here is a recent review of truck bed tents. Shown above is the Proz Premium Truck Tent. Really cool, huh?

Almost any truck on the market can be adapted for truck camping. You should buy what suits your lifestyle. Since the list of products are vast and accommodating, you’re sure to find what you need whatever truck you own. Toyota Tacoma is a popular truck among camping enthusiast. As a mid-size, it’s agile for off-road maneuvering but provides a decent size bed for sleeping.

Going up? This Tepui tent is a popular choice when it comes to car camping —a tent on a platform above your car!

Both the Outback and the Forester have the reputation of being great cars for camping. Their all-wheel drive and roomy cargo areas make them solid options to consider if you love to sit by a campfire.

If you love to camp and you have a car or a product that you LOVE, recommend them to other GasBuddies in the comments!

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