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Dashboard Dining – Eating on the Go


Our lives are hectic and dashboard dining happens all too often! You try your best to keep your car clear of crumbs and maybe you’re not quite sure how long that French fry has been on the floor but, either way, we have some helpful accessories to make your on-the-go dining experience easier.

Steering Wheel Food Tray
If you’re on the road during lunch and you order up your favorite meal, bust out this handy little tray. With one side for dining (drink holder and all) and the other side for office work, you have everything you need in one… but remember to stash that tray before you drive away!

Car Swivel Tray
Give your car time meal a restaurant feel. This tray easily fits into a standard vehicle cup holder and locks in place to avoid any liquid disasters.

The BeltzBib
Like a toddler’s bib, this oversized smock catches any food spills to protect your car’s interior as well as your clothing. Unfortunately, the BeltzBib is no longer made and sold, so if you’re lucky enough to find one at a garage sale, snatch up this discontinued treasure.

French Fries Holder
French fry fans rejoice! This practical and inexpensive French fry protector will keep all your fries in one place. Bonus: it holds chicken nuggets, too!

Drop Stop – Car Seat Gap Filler
There’s a very scary place in every car. It’s dark and mysterious. Even the most determined driver digging for their wallet is slightly afraid of what they might find between the seat and the car console. Protect yourself from the car seat gap with this nifty invention and never mumble “Ick! What is that?!” again.

The Drive Bin – Car Garbage Can
This traveling trash can is made for the more refined driver when a recycled grocery bag simply won’t do! With its versatile location abilities, you can clip it to the car door, the head rest or even the passenger seat.

Hands-Free Whopper Holder
This completely hands-free way to eat a burger is only for the burger elite with only 50 in existence. Love it or hate it, you’d be lucky to wear this very elusive hands-free burger harness just once.

Spot Dip Sauce Clip
If you’re a sauce dipper you might be in luck. Driving while enjoying your favorite dipping sauce is a problem that has plagued the sauce-dipping community for years. This handy contraption is only in the “idea phase” but we have our fingers crossed for those who like their sauce on the go.
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