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Don’t Be a Backseat Turkey This Thanksgiving


There’s nothing worse than traveling with someone who is clueless about road trip etiquette and that person could be YOU! We’ve compiled these tips to make sure you’re not the most annoying person in the car — otherwise known as a backseat turkey! And if you’re guilty of committing these backseat crimes then no worries! There’s still time to reform your ways before hitting the road this Thanksgiving!

1. Hands off the radio (or whatever you’re listening to)

The driver gets first dibs on entertainment whether it’s music, a podcast, audiobook or whatever. You can flip through a magazine, scroll on your phone or read a book. The driver can’t. So that means, they have all the control when it comes to entertainment.

2. Don’t be a trash turkey

Your car can be as messy as you want but if you’re a guest passenger, pick up the mess. Many gas stations have garbage cans to help you keep up with the trash. Even better is if you proactively bring a bag to gather all the wrappers, napkins, etc. from your snacks. There is nothing worse than ending a long drive in a car full of used water bottles.

3. Can I offer you some gum?

Buy some snacks and treats as a goodwill gesture for your travel companions. When you make a pit stop for gas, run into the convenience store and buy some gum, candy, water, etc. for the next leg of your journey. You’ll be a hero!

4. Silence is Golden

Yes, you are required to hold your own when it comes to in-car conversations but eventually, there comes a lull and that is OK! Embrace it! Not every second has to be filled with conversation. If you try to keep the conversation going for the whole ride, you’ll get on everyone’s last nerve.

5. Please. Have an opinion!

The driver has to make all sorts of decisions while driving so give them a break. If you’re asked a question, be decisive.

Driver: Do you want to stop for some food?
You: Yes, sounds great! Let me find the next Shell station on my GasBuddy app and we can grab a bite to eat.

Driver: Which route do you think we should take?
You: Let me do some quick research and find the fastest route to avoid the traffic.

Driver: What do you think? Should we listen to the radio or a podcast?
You: The radio, definitely. Let me scan and find a good station.

See where I’m going with this? Have an opinion! Saying “whatever you want” makes you think you’re being flexible and easy going but it can backfire. Seriously, just answer the question. The driver will appreciate the input.

Use these easy-to-follow guidelines and you won’t be the backseat turkey.


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