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8 Tips to Buying Tires


Whether your tires are worn down from a lifetime on the road or you got a flat, at some point you’ll need to replace your tires. We’ve compiled the perfect guide to help you gain traction on your tire purchase.

Make Sure You Actually Need New Tires.

If you think your tires are wearing down but you’re not quite sure if it’s time to make a purchase, do the penny test. Insert a penny between the tire tread with Lincoln’s head facing you and pointing down. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head above the tread, it’s probably time for a new set of tires.

The penny test > 





Stick to what you know

Are you happy with the way your car handles? If so, the easiest thing to do is to buy the exact same original equipment tires that came with your vehicle. Keep it simple!








your driving style matters

There are many types of tires out there so think about what is important to you when you’re driving, Is it weather endurance or long trips or a smooth drive? Figure out what your needs are and learn about types of tires that will accommodate those needs.

Types of tires > 







Know your route

Tires have speed ratings so whether are you a highway driver ora Sunday driver may influence the type of tires you car needs.

Speed ratings > 





Know the Forecast

Weather is unpredictable but you can predict the likely conditions in your region. Tires for regions where the weather is the same year-round may be different from ones meant for climates where the temperatures and conditions differ drastically from season to season.

Tires by weather condition > 





Weigh in

The weight of your vehicle is important when determining the tire load capacity. Would you put the same tires from a Dodge Ram truck on a Mini Cooper? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Tire load capacity > 





Price Compare and Save Money

Don’t just walk into the showroom and choose a tire and price off the wall. Like many products out there, prices will vary so do your research. Many sales locations will meet or beat other stores prices to close the deal.

Price Compare > 






Warranties – Check them out

Now that you’ve done the research and found the perfect tire, protect them! Stray nails happen so be sure to check the warranty. You may even consider an extended warranty. It could be spending less money in the long run and avoid the need to buy a new tire in a pinch.

Understand Tire Warranties >






GasBuddies often have great advice about car care. If you have any tips to share with our community, please let us know. We’d appreciate it!