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5 Things You Didn’t Know About RV Ownership


RV ownership can be both amazing and challenging! Here are five things that every RV owner learns quickly:

1. You’ve Got To Do Your Homework
There’s lots to learn! From choosing the perfect RV to mastering life on the road, being informed makes all the difference. Be sure you read the owner’s manual for instructions on maintenance, upkeep and storage. You’ve also got to know your stats, like the height and width of your RV or how much your tanks can hold.

2. Be Prepared To Get Your Wallet Out
Make sure you and your budget are prepared for this large expense. RVing is hugely rewarding but vehicles can be very costly to buy and maintain. Still, most RVers will tell you the lifestyle is worth every penny and that once they hit the road, they never looked back.

3. You Can Make Money Owning an RV!
Did you know you can rent your RV when you’re not using it? No matter how much you wish you could be out on the road, commitments and “real life” sometimes get in the way.

Services like Campanda make renting out your RV easy and safe. Earning money from your RV could bankroll your own vacation or defer your maintenance costs. There are RV owners out there earning $5000 a month (yes, really!).

4. Storage Can Be A Headache
When you’re not sitting lakeside enjoying the sunset and breathing in that crisp night air, your RV is sitting unused and taking up a huge part of your yard or driveway — goodbye curb appeal! Free up that space or subsidize the cost of storage by renting it out. Your neighbors will thank you, too.

5. It’s Life Changing!
Many people say that investing in an RV is a life-changing experience. The freedom to travel and enjoy the world on your own time while having a space of your own is incredibly liberating. Consider renting a few times before you buy — it’s a great way to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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