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Battle of the Snacks Round 1 Highlights: Pizza vs Burger


The first round of GasBuddy Battle of the Snacks Bracket Challenge is coming to an end. There were a couple of match-ups where the winner was very clear:

  • Snickers vs. Milky Way? Snickers
  • Coke vs. Pepsi? Coke
  • Planters Peanuts vs. Blue Diamond Almonds? Peanuts
  • Iced coffee vs. iced tea? Iced Tea

There was one particular match-up, however, that stood out because it was a real “buzzer beater.” The epic battle of pizza vs. burger. Pizza narrowly secured the win with 51 percent of the votes.

Something even more interesting when we looked deeper into the data is what “types” of people voted for one over the other.  Turns out the answer is right in the palm of our hands…er back pocket.

Android vs iPhone Users

There have long been comparisons between iPhone and Android users (iPhone users are apparently more superficial). The voting revealed the differences go beyond just gadget preference but also what we want for dinner.

Android users are more likely to munch on a Big Mac, while iPhone users much prefer scarfing down a slice of pepperoni across the street at the pizzeria. Here is the breakdown of the numbers:



Are you an iPhone user or an Android user? Do you prefer burgers or pizza? What snacks will make it to the end? Make sure you vote today! We’ll have a complete list of the round 1 winning snacks with our fully updated bracket tomorrow morning. Round 2 starts Friday, March 17.