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2018 Year in Review


As the year is coming to an end, let’s take a drive down memory lane and look at the top 18 moments of 2018.

  1. $120,000 in free gas
    What’s better than cheap gas? Free gas! We gave away $120,000 of free gas through our GasBack program, in-app daily drawings, social media contests, and Tank Takeovers event throughout the country. That is $30,000 more than last year. We’re looking forward to breaking this record in 2019, just you wait.

  2. Keeping Your Vehicle Up-To-Speed
    From recall information to fuel logs, we released the Vehicle feature to ensure GasBuddies have all the information at hand to make smart decisions with their car.

    GasBuddy Vehicle Tab

  3. $4 Million Saved Using Pay with GasBuddy
    Our popular Pay with GasBuddy savings program collectively saved GasBuddies more than $4.5 million on gasoline! Here’s to saving on gas on every purchase. 🙌

    Not a Pay with GasBuddy member yet? Join our community of saving-savvy drivers.

  4. …And Using Your Savings to Shop Your Way
    We formed a partnership with Shop Your Way® this year, allowing Pay with GasBuddy members to choose instant savings on gasoline purchases in CASHBACK in Points to spend on everything from gear for your car to clothes and cooking supplies!

  5. All About the Perfect Phillip
    We are all about helping you achieve the perfect fill-up, so it only made sense to recognize people actually named Phillip (or Phyllis, Felipe, Philomena)! We hosted the largest gathering of people named Phillip getting fill-ups in Los Angeles…and it was Phil-nomenal.

  6. 550,000,000 Price Reports
    Great job spotting prices this year. Your efforts have helped millions of GasBuddies save money on gas by finding the best prices across the U.S., Canada and Australia!

  7. Paying for Gas with Your Phone
    Forget fumbling for the wallet, we made paying for gas even more convenient by launching mobile payments at Love’s stations nationwide. We can’t wait to expand our program to more gas stations next year.

  8. Six Straight Days of Gas Station Dining
    Our convenience store trends analyst Frank Beard went on the ultimate road trip, driving more than 2,500 miles in six days from Louisiana to Las Vegas, only eating at gas stations the entire way. He met up with us at his final stop in Vegas for the NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) Show. P.S. here’s the top trends to hit the shelves at your convenience store next year.

    Frank Beard with Tony the Tiger at the NACS Show

  9. Spotlighting Your City’s Top Pit Stops
    Gas stations are unique to a region from the brand to the snacks they offer inside. We went to eight different cities this year, highlighting the top-rated-must-stop-at gas stations to refuel on gas and food. From Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day parade to Salem’s spooky Halloween happenings, we explored the best places to make a pit stop during all of the nation’s biggest events.

    GasBuddy City Spotlight Map 2018

  10. 23 Million Ratings and Reviews
    Together, we rated and reviewed the gas stations with the best coffee, the cleanest restrooms and the best customer service 23 million times at more than 150,000 locations. That’s an average of 153 ratings and reviews per station!

  11. Helping Motorists In Need During Hurricanes Florence and Michael
    The south was hit hard this year as hurricanes rolled through, causing fuel shortages in The Carolinas, Florida and Georgia. We updated our fuel availability tracker this year to make it even easier to report fuel outages, enabling those affected to quickly find a station with fuel and power.

  12. Battle of the Snacks
    We received more than 100,000 votes for favorite gas station convenience store sweets in this year’s Battle of the Snacks, where 16 sweets battled it out for the top spot. The winner: Reese’s, for the second year in a row! (Our He Bought / She Bought winner Jeremy called it ahead of time.)

    GasBuddy Battle of the Snacks Winner - Reese's

  13. #1 Gas Station Hot Dog Fan…Found!
    It’s not an ordinary day when you get to talk with the top gas station hot dog connoisseur. Jay sat down with us to talk about his passion for gas station hot dogs. Pro tip: the tanner, the better.

    Jay Bouchard Hot Dog Fan GasBuddy

  14. 21 Million Challenges Completed
    GasBuddies are always up for a challenge, and this year we completed more than 21 million of them! The most-completed special challenge: June’s ‘Beat the Heat’, reporting 10 regular prices.

    Beat the Heat Challenge Icon - GasBuddy

  15. Launched Park with GasBuddy
    You’ve always been able to save money on gas with GasBuddy, and this year we made it so you can save money on parking with GasBuddy! No more headaches when it comes to finding a parking spot. We’ve got you covered (with a discount).

    Park with GasBuddy Screenshots

  16. Biggest TANKSgiving Celebration Yet
    We helped drivers feel more ‘tank’ful this year with ExxonMobil and gave away thousands of dollars worth of free gas on Nov. 15 to drivers in Charlotte, N.C. We also helped drivers across the country with our biggest gas giveaway yet – $25,000 worth of fuel!

  17. Consecutive Days
    Your dedication to helping your community find the best gas prices is outstanding. More than 200 GasBuddies have been reporting prices in GasBuddy for more than 10 years! And 3,800 GasBuddies have been reporting gas prices every day for more than a year.

  18. GasBuddy Saves
    The most meaningful part of 2018 to us: YOU! With your help, we have done so many great things. Here’s to an even bigger and better 2019.

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