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On the Map: GasBuddy Reveals Brands with Highest Average Footfall by State


In addition to revealing the top 10 brands with the highest average footfall across the fuel industry, GasBuddy and Cuebiq examined brands with highest average footfall by state in its Q1 Foot Traffic Report for the Fuel and Convenience Store Industry.

Cumberland Farms dominated the northeast region of the U.S., capturing the top spot in six states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont).

Other brands capturing multiple states:

  • Sheetz (five states: Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia)
  • Costco (four states: California, Washington, Florida and Texas)
  • Kroger (three states: Arkansas, Mississippi and Michigan)
  • Pilot (three states: Georgia, Indiana and Kentucky)
  • Speedway (three states: New York, Tennessee and Wisconsin)
  • Holiday (two states: Alaska, Montana)
  • Smith’s (two states: Utah and Nevada)
  • Wawa (two states: Delaware and Pennsylvania)
  • Fuel brands with a minimum of 20 locations per state were measured. Average footfall was calculated by total footfall/number of locations.