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Good Coffee Drives More Foot Traffic, According to New GasBuddy-Cuebiq Report


A recent GasBuddy survey revealed that 60% of users purchase coffee on the morning drive. How can retailers capture this caffeine-loving group? According to GasBuddy’s and Cuebiq’s Q2 Foot Traffic Report for the Fuel and Convenience Store Industry, stations received 16.67% percent of their daily traffic between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. Stations with excellent coffee ratings in the GasBuddy app receive 18% of their daily traffic during these hours in Q2, which is relatively 12.5% more than stations with below average coffee ratings.

So what (and who) makes a great cup of coffee? Customer ratings in the GasBuddy app revealed that the top three brands with the highest coffee ratings are Kelley’s Market, On the Run and Wawa. Kelley’s Market, which touts the “best coffee in town, guaranteed!” keeps it relatively simple with freshly-brewed Kona coffee, while Wawa offers a variety of flavors and roasts.

A recent Mintel study found that more than half (56%) of Americans who have visited a c-store in the past three months feel that the stores make coffee drinks as good as coffeehouses. Why is this important? Convenience stores have all the necessary tools to take customers away from coffee shops and QSRs with a high-quality and well-promoted coffee programs.

Check out the full report here.